Automation Association


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Being on the leading edge of bringing new products and processes to reality is no easy task and unforeseen problems can arise.  The Automation Association will jump in and work with you to identify and eliminate the problem and get production back on track. We use many tools, such as process analytics and multiple attribute decision making, to assist in identifying the root cause and then getting the tough decisions made on corrective action. Our experienced automation and process development engineers understand that the key to success is to first stabilize the raw materials, secondly stabilize the process and then step in and stabilize the automation. You can count on our cracker jack team to have you back up and running in no time. 



From small to large projects our company strategy is the same, stabilization of product, then process and finally technology. It is a proven methodology! 

Automation Association has a select group of individuals who thrive on turning around technical problems in factory automation. Our team has the tough decision-making skills to quickly step into a leadership role for companies that have launched automation and failed. 

EXAMPLE: Our largest project to date was the turn around of a national product launch with $85 million of capital equipment that did not work. Our basic premise was to first stabilize the product, then stabilize the process and finally we made the tough decisions required on the automation technology. In 18 weeks we had the manufacturing system and technical teams reconfigured for a successful new product launch that aligned with the previously committed $40 million dollar national advertising campaign.