Louisville, Kentucky: ThermaLab is a fully dedicated area on the Thermex Thermatron manufacturing floor, filled with multiple equipment types used in the Microwave and RF disciplines. These systems are working units, available to test a wide variety of materials and processes to evaluate the suitability for microwave or RF heating.

ThermaLab features full-scale Industrial Microwave and Radio Frequency Systems capable of:

  • Welding and Heat Sealing Thermoplastic Materials
  • Drying, Curing, Moisture Leveling, Post Baking, and Dehydrating
  • High Pressure Bonding and Laminating
  • Preheating Thermosetting Plastics, Bulk, and Granular Solids
  • Drying and Coating Ballistic, Chemical, and Thermal Resistant Fibers

ThermaLab is ideal for those companies whose process does not yet include microwave or RF technology, or companies currently using non-Thermex Thermatron equipment. Utilizing ThermaLab is a strategic way – at little or no cost – to test and evaluate selected products on Thermex equipment – in a realistic, manufacturing environment.

Companies involved in drying or curing a product, preheating, bonding or laminating, welding or heat-sealing are taking advantage of ThermaLab’s test equipment to determine if their processes and productivity could be enhanced using this proven technology, with quality Thermex Thermatron equipment. Thermex Thermatron has worked with the following industries on various projects within ThermaLab:

Medical - Military & Security - Research - TextilesAutomotive - Energy & Oil - Metals & Mining - RecreationAerospace - Environmental - Building - Packaging

Participants can accompany their products to our Louisville, Kentucky facility, or we can test products from provided specifications and report the results. Either way, our engineers assist through every step of the process. And, if the process proves beneficial and viable, we can provide specific equipment information, recommendations, and pricing for review.

Jim Henderson