PROCESS ANALYTICS This is the definition of process analytics utilized by Automation Association in their consulting:

Multivariate analysis of a process to develop a statistically based understanding, leading to process improvement and/or optimization.

A basic manufacturing process is one that has controllable input factors, fixed inputs, and uncontrollable or nuisance variables, all which leads to measurable out put responses.

What is key here is the old adage of "Begin with the end in mind". First define the outputs or responses for the process. Make sure the outputs and responses are measureable and quantifiable. Also prioritize their importance in achieving project objectives. Then define the controllable input factors of the process. These are the “knobs” one can turn to tune the process to optimize the outputs. As knobs are added so is cost, complexity and time. Experience has shown that typically there are only 2 to 5 controlling factors. A disciplined engineering and scientific approach is needed to identify the controlling factors.

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