PROJECT SUCCESS STORIES The Automation Association offers solutions to manufacturing companies in every phase of their  process, from feasibility, to design, to machine building, and finally to implementation. Our engineering experts bring experience and creativity to any team, assisting you in your most challenging manufacturing processes. Early on, companies such as 3M, Deluxe, Gillette, and Medtronic, recognized the value in our association. And, as other companies experience success with us, our client list and business grows each year.  

Here are a few short examples of what we’ve done to help companies make things better:  

Problem Solving examples  

For a major window supplier we led a Kaizen event to reduce the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) from 27 minutes to less than 2 minutes on a multi-million-dollar work center.  

For a leading consumer products producer we completed a piece part validation study to identify the root cause of high speed part feeding problems. O.E.E. improved from under 70% to over 80%  

We assumed project management responsibilities for a global consumer products producer of an $85 million investment that was behind schedule, over budget and at 15% O.E.E. In 3 months we delivered 5 million toothbrushes to coordinate with the national advertising campaign launch.  

For a leading mica producer we assumed responsibility for the commissioning of a magnetic separation process. Within 5 days we were able to bring three systems on line.  

For a leading book re-bindery we led a Kaizen event to improve plant efficiency and removed 23 days from the value stream.  

Innovation examples  

For a top printing firm we led an Ideation Session to develop an automated packaging system with a ROI of less than 12 months. Rolled out 13 turnkey installations within 2 years.  

For a major filtration company our leadership of an Ideation Session helped to develop an automated production system to double production and productivity with significantly less capital.  

A leading precious metals mining company asked for our help in project management for the design, build and start up of a pilot plant with a revolutionary environmentally friendly beneficiation process.  

We developed novel technology for a mica producer for the delamination of mica. We helped them achieve aspect ratios of 100 to 1 providing a 400% increase in the selling price of the mineral at a cost of less than 1 cents per pound.  

We’ve solved hundreds of other manufacturing related challenges and can do the same for you.  

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