Dr.Marvin S.Seppanen P.E.  Marvin Seppanen, owner and principal consultant of Productive Systems, has extensive experience in manufacturing simulation. Analyzing the needs of industrial organizations, applying modern industrial engineering techniques, and presenting the results of such studies to management are Marvin’s specialties. Through his technology, Productive System has the tools and experience to develop and document a plan for improving operational and manufacturing performance. Productive Systems will work with the firm’s management to develop the required data and plans in the most cost effective manner. Dr. Seppanen has broad experience in manufacturing system design with an emphasis on throughput capacity, labor cost, inventory cost, and production flexibility. He has worked with a wide variety of operations, including: manufacturing systems (wafer fabrication, high high-speed packaging, JIT receiving, check printing, and automotive assembly), airlines, commercial laundry, army personnel and underground coal mines. Prior to forming his own company Dr. Seppanen has held positions in various government and private companies. His multiple degrees include a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.

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