John F.Kistner has a total of almost 40 years experience as a research scientist in industry. He spent over 30 years at 3M in Product Development, specializing in coatings of all types. He has also served as a Technical Director at W.R. Meadows Inc., and performed research at Johnson and Johnson, Lipton Tea, and at the American Standard laboratories. He has a very broad background of successful projects, which include assignments that are both technical and managerial. Dr. Kistner has a successful track record for taking a project all the way from the idea stage through development, prototyping, testing, scale up, manufacturing, and successful commercialization. He has authored over 20 patents, covering cationic photo polymerized coatings, hydrophilic polymers, photographic coatings, UV-free radical coatings, abrasive resistant coatings, low energy (repellent) coatings, stain resistant coatings, and coatings for fillers that lower viscosity. At 3M, he has held positions as Manager of Research and Development of a group of 50 scientists, and as a Senior Research Specialist. Among other degrees he holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Purdue University.

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